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Darkness Systems Releases LFT Cross Grip Glide for Glock 19

Plano, car and accessories compatible with leading US builders, Brokos Lead Brokos Broker partnership has introduced twenty-five particular services to Sink Lead Sink and Shadow Systems Releases that eliminates slide show issues and LFT Darkness has been primarily a rich and rich experience. It is expected that you will hold the faucet in focus. every environment: think about rainwater, mittens, I'm not hidden, it's the performance and for all that is austere "- SF Ur Brokos The front area of ​​the LFT Grip Glide Darkness is amazing online along the mp3 zone. One of the two around is represented different and without mittens.

Component Manufacturers Glock Darkness Systems features the Cross Grip Glide LFT designed specifically for the Glock 19 system. Created in partnership with John Brokos of Lead Sink Strategic, the LFT Cross Grip Glide features a front grip that uses the serrations of Darkness Systems and an mp3 hold point. The partnership in online locks and mp3 retention seems to offer shooters more positive control over the Glock 19 pistol. Darkness Systems also claims that the Cross LFT can also make the task less arduous for those with weaker grips. The company mentioned that the LFT cross was designed to handle almost all the problems - rainwater, solids, excessive cold and without or with protective gloves. Made of 19-4 stainless steel, the go features grip-tape.org aggressive front and back slots, as well as an mp3 player reinforced with commercial glue, with chamfers and spokes in style. The LFT is capped with a lower optical system for the Trijicon RMR. The DLC coating is known for its strength, lubricity and ebony. Darkness Systems worked with a particular military service Allows experienced Brokos to train each law enforcement and each audience through its Lead Sink Strategic organization. Brokos used his combat experience and training to solve gunshot slide problems in high intensity conditions. "The Darkness LFT systems have been designed primarily based on many years of experience gained by myself and my teammates, and you are expected to give your name at some point. in a perfect environment: think coldly, soaked, rainwater, tension, mittens and night! This Glide allows a good support, whatever the problem you encounter, "said Brokos in an announcement.

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